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Immunotherapy, Cancer Healing Solutions Future


Immunotherapy, Cancer Healing Solutions Future

imunotheraphy 300x108 Immunotherapy, Cancer Healing Solutions Future Treatment with the immune system or called with Immunotherapy is now regarded as a solution for cases of cancer and can increase life expectancy and quality of the patient. Nevertheless, the development of this therapy still faces the possibility of side effects and cost.

Pharmaceutical companies in the world is now increasingly focused on harnessing Immunotherapy to fight cancer.

They believe the immune system is the key to conquer the disease that has so far incurable.

Today, scientists continue to explore for 23 types of cancer immunotherapy. “The experiment that proves this concept has been completed. So we do not need to convince patients that this is a good idea ” says Ira Mellman, Vice President Oncology Research from Genentech, a biotechnology company.
Currently, there are already Immunotherapy drug, which received approval from drug regulatory authorities in developed countries, such as production Yervoy Dendreon and Bristol-Myers Squibb. However, the price is still expensive.

For example Yervoy used to treat skin cancer or melanoma that 120,000 U.S. Dollars in respect to the standard regimen. Meanwhile, Provenge for prostate cancer cost about 93,000 U.S. dollars (about 830 million dollars).

Although in developed countries the drug is financed by insurance, but experts are unsure whether the doctors will continue treatment so expensive that if the disease incurable cancer. The purpose of the drug is to extend the patient’s age.

Cancer drugs the previous generation, ie, therapy that is actually quite effective targets can only delay the recurrence of disease. The use of this drug resistance was also overshadowed by illness and not all cancer cells to be cleaned. Therefore, Immunotherapy is expected in the long run could be a solution to stop this cycle. we hope immunotherapy , could be a solution for cancer in the future

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